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in the living room. now, detectives tell us that a suicide note was found inside the home here. i just spoke with a family friend who said the couple was not having any kind. financial difficulties, but he tells me the husband had been sick. he had apparently been in and out of the hospital this year. he thinks it was potentially because of a stroke. now, at this point, county police are not releasing the identities of the couple until all of the family is informed. but they will be out here on the scene and so will we. for now, we're in whitemarsh, i'm meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> such a sad story. we're still working to get more information. we'll bring you the latest tonight on eyewitness news at 6:00. >>> justice for a promising johns hopkins researcher, who was murdered, just blocks from his baltimore home. today, his killer learns his fate. but he still says he didn't do it. wjz is live at mitchell courthouse. weijia jiang is there for today's sentencing. >> reporter: denise, frankly, the judge clearly didn't care what john waggoner had to say. he said he would show john w
. >> woo are worried about our customers, we have families who have been with us for 25 years. we are concerned about our clientele. they're like family to us. >> you always saw people you knew when you went there. last year, me and friends, our parents were out of town. so we spent christmas there. >> in fact, when we bought our house, the day we signed on it, my husband and i came here for dinner. >> we're going to rebuild and be back better than ever. it's going to be a while. >> the shutdown is going to affect a lot of smaller bees here next door. >> there's no way we can let them go. >> reporter: the owner worries about the less foot traffic. >> we hope everybody comes to help support us this time. >> on top of the fire, a few are the nearby businesses recently went under. but survivors remain optimistic. >> we're a strong village. everybody sticks together. and hopefully, as the mount washington tavern comes back and comes to rebuild, we'll be a wonderful village again. >>> if you have ever been out here to mount washington tavern, you probably recognize some of the faces he
us in condemning this threat to international peace and security. >> reporter: state department leaders want to get the support of other countries in condemning iran. they are telling their diplomats around the world to share details about the plot. >> reporter: administration officials won't say exactly what the next steps will be. >> we will continue to take measures to put pressure on iran. >> reporter: iran's government denies its involvement in the alleged plan. but american officials are confident it played a role. and they're warning u.s. citizens around the globe to be on alert for new terror attacks in response to the disrupted plot. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, investigators say one of the suspects tried to recruit mexican hitmen to carry out the attack. the justice department made the connection because of a wire transfer from iranian bank accounts to an undercover agent in mexico. >>> a surprise guilty plea, from the so-called underwear bomber. he's the man who tried to blow up a plane on christmas day. denise is in the newsroom wi
that might be used to produce anxiety relief or sleepiness. >> accused of giving him a fatal dose. but doctor paul white first focused on the sedative lorazapram. a key witness didn't consider the levels that may have accumulated in his body after days of use. and the singer may have taken it orally. >> the theory we've proposed is a lot more rational and would represent a more appropriate clinical situation. >> reporter: the defense surprised the prosecution with new computer models of what they say happened. so the judge gave prosecutors the weekend to prepare for their cross-examination. the state spent four weeks and called 40 witnesses in laying out the case. prosecutors tried to show the cardiologist was reckless. and that he should have never been giving jackson propofol. the case is expected to go to the jury next week. wjz eyewitness news. >> and murray faces four years in prison if he's convicted. >> if you are waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads. >> hi. if they are on the beltway, it's going to be a struggle. if you are traveling on the top side over
to the garage where this was alerted. >> we did not use our alert system to a small area in the basement around the garage. those two buildings that we knew would be pretty much impacted, responded there and used the tax alert system and we went into the two buildings and formed the staff for those buildings and the shelter in mace. >> the chief said there were extra patrols and when they were in the garage, they saw the personnel walking in the area under ground. they would not e lease any new information, but today a universe see e-mail went out and here is the description -- >>> reporter: that was not enough information to calm the fears here. in the last half hour, the city police con firmd that description, released by the iewcht police and the information on the victim, upgraded from critical to serious. back to you. >> thank you. the campus police said there were two violent incidents in the last two years. >>> terrifying moments in howard county, the man pointed a weapon at a woman and her 4- year-old child and has more on who the police are looking for and how the woman was able to esc
. >> the hope is he's still alive. however, we are using teams and people experienced when the person is deceased. >> reporter: police arrested lopez in north carolina where they say he fled after the murder. they say he refuses to answer questions about the missing boy. according to new court records, police found another woman driving the suv, they also found his credit cards and a box cutter in the hotel where they arrested lopez. police also found 18 copies of lopez and mcduane's marriage certificate. he had a violent past and she was scared he would hurt her. >> and why a common person, i mean common could do something like that, i'll never know. >> reporter: now, while police are still leaving open that possibility and hoping that little william is still alive, they admit that with each day that they don't find him, the chances are that he will still alive are dimming. reporting live in montgomery county, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. lopez has not been charged in connection with william's disappearance. >>> a key decision today in the case of a maryland woma
. they have not provided us with the suspect's description and they have not told us about any arrests. back to you. >>> jessica, thank you. eden's lounge is located in the heart of mount vernon. >>> dozens of firefighters spent almost two hours getting the flames under control. there are no reports of any injuries and the investigation into the cause is under way. >>> there is new doubt tonight about the 2001 anthrax attack. the fbi says a man the maryland is responsible but a group of scientists is raising a question about what really happened. pat warren discusses the developments in this case. >> reporter: a soon to be released paper says the maryland man accused of the anthrax attack may have had help or he may have been innocent. letters mailed to news outlets and senators contained anthrax that sickened 26. >> i don't feel like i am completely well. i sense it from time to time that there's really something wrong with me. >> reporter: years into the investigation the fbi hones in on grouth ivan. the scientist killed himself before he was charged. he could not take the pressure. >> the
's where more than 100 people were arrested. officers used tear gas and hundreds were arrested. >> unfortunately, some great moments in history were written in blood. and i'm to the point where i'm ready to sign that check in my own blood. >> reporter: patience in cities coast to coast is weighing thin. in los angeles, the mayor is moving occupiers. in denver, they are living in tents in blankets of snow. in new york city, they took to the streets, marching after the violence in oakland. >> reporter: some have started doing health and safety inspections at the campsite. >> reporter: they include boston, where protestors have been allowed to stay. but what is baltimore city going to do? that's unclear. while the mayor calls overnight camping illegal, negotiations are still under way with those living here. >> city hall told me that nobody was going to -- no action was being taken. you know, for last night, which was a great thing. but that was last night. what happened today? we still don't know. >> and we're on an island here, kind of separated from the store fronts: so far, w
million to help launch the interim government. >> reporter: the u.s. also participated in the nato bombing operation when the rebellion began. when tripoli fell in august, gadhafi disappeared. >> the libyan people now have a great responsibility, to build an inclusive and tolerant, and democratic libya that stands as the ultimate rebuke to gadhafi's dictatorship. >> revolutionary forces still need to deal with fighters that remain loyal to the former leader but without gadhafi, they see an easier path to the future. at the white house, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> libyans all over the world are celebrating the end of gadhafi's oppressive regime. derek valcourt has reaction from libyans living in america. derek? >> reporter: well, the news spread quickly. many libyan americans learning firsthand of phone calls from family members over in libya, the dictator that so many had come to despise, a problem no more. >> reporter: gadhafi's demise, welcome news to thousands of americans like fadi terapolsi. he was born in tripoli, but his family flid to the -- fled to the united states in
sunk. >> denise, thank you. the helicopter is one of the world's most popular models, the type used by tv stations and air taxi companies. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> a student is sexually assaulted near their johns hopkins university apartment. and right now, her attacker is on the loose. wjz is live near the crime scene in charles village. derek valcourt speaks to police and others for their safety. derek? >> kai, it happened here in this alley, late friday night, early saturday morning. and bars in the area were just letting out of the area when this all happened. >> reporter: a 20-year-old college student was walking home to her apartment, and using this alley in the 3200 block of love grove street, a popular shortcut for students from one street to another, when police say a man claiming he had a gun, attacked her, sexually assaulted her and tried to rape her in a small parking lot. it's news disturbing to many female students near campus. >> i'm shocked. and it worries me a little bit. >> because it's johns hopkins, you feel safer. >> reporter
? >> reporter: they tracked down the suspect, using part of his license plate. police say 21-year-old dwain mccoy shot a man. the victim was able to describe his attacker's vehicle and recall one of the license plate's digits. tonight, mccoy is out of jail, after he posted bond. this comes amid a major push to improve safety in charles village. >> police have increased patrols in the area. and residents are organizing regular morning walks. >>> for the second time, a resident is found dead at the bottom of a trash chute. wjz is live at city police headquarters. adam may has the latest on the investigation. adam? >> reporter: mary, police are still waiting for the final autopsy result. meanwhile, to put it bluntly, the residents in that apartment complex are freaked out. >> reporter: residents at the park charles apartment complex, worry a little about an unsolved mystery. saturday morning, another resident was found dead in a dumpster. 23-year-old emily haus was a loyola graduate. police say it appears she fell down the trash chute. >> how high off the ground are the trash chutes? >> maybe lik
for drunk driving. >> the forensic technology will come back. and that may give us more information about whether this driver was under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. >> reporter: police say nothing nut was driving a blue pickup truck, registered to some with speeds over 100 miles an hour. mcnutt died when the truck crashed and wrapped around a tree. >> he was speeding out in front of eight or 10 cars. he could have hit thousands of people and killed them all. >> reporter: neighbors say they didn't know mcnutt but sure knew his truck. >> you noticed it because you had to come to a stop sign. and he would just fly right by it. >> reporter: the speed limit on mcnutt's street is 25 miles per hour. george soro says he worried about the truck hiding kids, including his own three. others had the same fear. >> i would say on average, about 45, 50 miles an hour, i would see this car, this truck go by. and it was disturb. disturbing. >> reporter: the motive for this wild ride is still unclear. many just glad it's over. >> thank god nobody else was hurt. >> reporter: and even though mcnutt
assaulted. but the evidence went straight to her. she was supposed to use insanity, but the lawyers did not use that. it is not clear their strait fee. they will use taped interviews with her changing story and the dna evidence. the family said that they have faith in the justice system. >> of all the steps of grieving, i have not left anger. if i could say something to her, it would be one word -- why? >>> >>> that was her father. they will start now to get down to the meat of the case. >>> murry went to john hopkins business school and working on her degree. >>> after being accused of planning a terror attack in washington d.c., the prosecution said that the man wanted to assassinate the saudi arabia ambassador to the united states. he pleaded not guilty to all five counts against him. he had admitted his part in the plan at a washington d.c. restaurant by setting off explosives. he tried to hire hit men from the mexico drug cartel to carry out the plans. the president's administration is saying that the iran government involved, but that is being called baseless. a second suspect is
. denise is in the newsroom to explain the developments in this case for us. denise? >> reporter: well, mary, a queen anne's county woman now faces dozens of additional animal cruelty charges, bringing the number of counts to 133. investigators say canterbury farm owner marcia parkinson, failed to provide care for more than 100 horses seized from her farm in april. the animals were discovered in terrible health, many of them significantly underweight, with parasites. >> all right, denise, thank you. the humane society found private farms and charities to board and care for all of the horses. >>> well, it is amanda knox's first full day of freedom. she's adjusting to life back at home, after she was released from an italian prison. manuel gallegus reports for wjz from seattle, where he spoke to knox's family today. >> reporter: amanda knox is back in her hometown, safe and sound, with her family. but her father won't say exactly where she is. >> she is in the united states. and trust me, you will not find her. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they're trying to give the 24-year-old time to read
they arrested lopez in charlotte, north carolina earlier today. they are going to brief us later on how this all unfold us and give us the latest details they have on 11-year-old william mcquain. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> police are waiting to hear from the medical examiner's office before determining an exact cause of death. >>> an update on the breaking news from john hopkins university, where two employees are seriously injured in an accident on campus. they were working on the h-vac system in the hall when hot water started pouring out. the workers started suffering first- and second-degree burns. medics rushed them to the hospital for treatment. >>> vic is in the newsroom with details. >> police say the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. take a close look at the pictures. jermaine stroud is being transported. he is a suspect in an armed robbery that occurred yesterday. detectives say he also has a history of past robberies. anyone with information on his whereabouts should call 911 immediately. >> stay on the story. we'll let you know as soon as the suspect is caught. >>
time. this is where she's being held. it is not clear how soon she will then head back to the u.s. there is nothing in italian law that would prevent her from leaving, even if prosecutors appeal. >> knox has an outdated passport that needs to be renewed. but it's not clear how quickly that can be done. >> reporter: a worker is shot and robbed on his lunch break near the social security campus in baltimore county. mike hellgren has the latest on the search for a suspect. mike? >> reporter: they still have not found the person, mary. that worker, thankfully, will survive being shot, we're told. police searched this entire area, after the shooting. the social security administration right now is no longer on lockdown. [ siren ] >> reporter: the police response was large and fast. officers scoured the woods for clues, after a scoacial -- social security administration. it happened just before noon and a short distance from social security administration headquarters, where nearly 12,000 people work. this mother, who lives very close to the shooting scene ask asked that we not show her
this morning, crews say the school was using a floor stripper that gave off strong fumes. everybody was allowed back inside after crews cleared the building. >>> occupy baltimore protesters are saying they're preparing for a fight, the city rejected a request for permits to remain camped out near the inner harbor. the city is suggesting a compromise to allow them stay there during the day, but only two people would be allowed to sleep there overnight. the protesters say they're preparing for an intervention. now, there's chaos at the occupy demonstration in oakland, california. police dragged protesters out early this morning for refusing to leave a plaza there. officers cleared out tents and used tear gas. the demonstrators claim they will come back. >>> a maryland lawmaker accused of taking bribes in exchange for political favors, defense attorneys call their client unintelligent but not dishonest. wjz is live at the federal courthouse. we have more on who took the stand today. >> reporter: hours today, prosecutors tried poking a lot of holes in that stupidity defense. they pointed out that h
and made more than 100 arrests. >> you are not giving us nothing to believe in. >> reporter: it's the type of clash the mayor wants to avoid in baltimore, where the occupy movement is in full force. >> their right to free speech does not trump the rest of the public's freedom to enjoy that space. >> reporter: the city says staying here overnight is illegal. the police chopper is flying overhead but police have yet to arrest anyone. >> we have a right to protest. and they can't do anything to stop that. >> we want change. we don't just want to cause trouble and destroy things. >> reporter: mceldon square is the designated protest spot here in the inner harbor. >> reporter: and the city has been in negotiations with the occupiers. among other things, trying to limit overnight campers to just two people. >> we continue to be willing to work with them. but in order to have this cooperation, it has to be a two- way street. >> reporter: other than helping us be safe and sanitary, the city should help us with that, and we should do that, beyond that, we should be allowed to have our voice. this i
country safe. >> homeland security really has to begin with hometown security. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of homeland security, janet nopolitano, and governor martin o'malley, held a forum on terrorism since 9/11, pointing how critical information is like the one at bwi. they also address concerns about home-grown attacks. >> and the lone actor is a very difficult law enforce. thing to prevent. let's not minimize the problem. it's real. it's difficult. and we struggle with it every day. >> reporter: just last month, wjz uncovered chilling new details about antonio martinez, a marylander, trying to accused -- accused of trying to detonate explosives at a military recruiting center. he told informants all he thinks about is jihad. >> this is our ability to respond quickly. >> reporter: quickly as to respond to threats, as like how out-of-place planes are removed. >> reporter: the faa tells us they continue. we can tell you that pilot met with local authorities last night. we're live at bwi thurgood marshall. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> weijia, thank you. the faa has not released t
jobs an inspiration to us all. >> manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> under jobs' leadership, apple has sold 300 million ipods and 129 million iphones. >>> perfect weather. outside tonight, it is clear and comfortable. and looks like these beautiful conditions are going to stick around for a little bit. let's check in with bob turk in the first warning weather forecast. >> it would be nice to have about three weeks of this. but for the time being, beautiful weather will continue tomorrow. high pressure over the area means more sunshine, dry conditions. temperatures tomorrow, just about where they were today. right now, we're at 70. now, during the weekend, high pressure again over the region. it's going to slip a little further to the east. that will allow somewhat warmer air to come in under that low pressure in the midwest. and that means temperatures this weekend will get back into the 70s, maybe even touching 80 on sunday and monday. believe it or not. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. >>> smokers could soon pay extra for their cigarettes. another possible tobacco hike i
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)